This was supposed to be the weekend we went camping.  My first post was going to be about spending quality time with my kids and hubby and all the fun stuff we did at the campground. You know – roasting marshmallows, sandcastles and swimming at the beach, wildlife encounters and all that good stuff.
I had our 5th wheel camper all packed and ready to go, and I was really excited to go on our very first camping excursion that was just the five of us. (and was not in my parents backyard or at their cabin) Campground was still close enough to home that my hard working farmer husband could go home and work during the day. Win – win situation. Camping site was booked and we were good to go………

Busy Farmer Husband informs me that he will haul the camper this morning and set it up for us. Woo Hoo!!!!!
By noon I’m a little concerned that he’s not back.  Um ya, the camper did not fit in the site (even though the park website said it would!) – too big *sigh* Not only that but NONE OF THE SITES AT THE CAMPGROUND ARE WIDE ENOUGH FOR OUR CAMPER!!!

And then the flat tire on the camper happened – awesome

Let’s check the spare – also flat – double awesome.

And so he limped the camper home, set it up and we are now having a staycation.
I’m not too surprised it happened, our life is usually filled with unexpected curve balls.


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