Hockey Momma

My oldest plays hockey. I’m a mini-van driving, coffee drinking, 90’s Jock Jam playing hockey mom. This is the 5th season of having the title of Hockey Momma and this was the first year that Johnny’s team went to provincials.

I come from an athletic background.  I played high school sports and went on to play some college basketball back in the day. I know what it is like to be in an important tournament or game. I know the feelings of elation when your team wins and also the devastation and disappointment of losing a championship or big game.  But let me tell you  – nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – prepares you for when your child is in one of those games!

The kids made it to provincials for their age group and that in itself is an accomplishment.  They played hard and never gave up and their determination and teamwork landed them in the final game.  The Boissevain Border Kings were playing for the bragging rights honour of being Provincial Champions. But guess who they were playing – the enemy rivals from their league play – the Killarney Stars (who have had our number all year long!!)  The range of emotions is overwhelming. There are highs and lows and that’s before the puck drops. And the fact that all I could do was cheer from the sidelines almost did me in! If I was a smoker I would’ve gone through numerous packs in the first period! It was such a close game that it had to go into SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME not once but TWICE!!! Both teams were playing amazing and as a parent all you could do was pray that it was a good goal that won the game.  Then it happened one of Border Kings took the shot that went by the Stars goalie. There was screaming and jumping up and down, hugs, and probably some of the moms peed their pants a little (the whole jumping up and down thing), and even a few happy tears!

They did it. They had won, they were provincials champs! This group of kids was not the biggest team out there, or even the most skilled – but they played as a team and won as a team.  And that is what made this Hockey Momma most proud.

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