Grandma B

Yesterday we celebrated the 90th birthday of my Grandma Baron.  She wasn’t always sure what was going on and we had to keep reminding her that it was her birthday. Grandma has dementia and might not know who you are when you go to visit, but she is always welcoming and willing to talk to you (even if you are family 😉 )

This woman has been the rock of our family for years. My grandparents lived in town, after moving off the farm.  I only remember them being my “town” grandparents. Grandpa died when I was younger so most of my memories of Grandma have been of just her. Being a mother of 4 crazies children and grandma to 11 angels grandchildren, there was always someone at her house on Fanny Street.  Grandma was always willing to feed anyone, teach them proper phonics and grammar, play a game or make a craft.  As I look back on my 30+ years of knowing her there are some life lessons that Grandma B taught me (and I’m sure my cousins will be nodding their heads in agreement and could probably add to the list!)

Nobody left the house hungry – EVER! As a teenager going through the “I don’t do breakfast” phase I wasn’t always a fan of mornings with Grandma when I stayed there.  She would make sure you ate – and not just a bowl of cereal. More often than not, it was a full course meal that consisted of toast, eggs, bacon (or ham), cheese, fruit (fresh cut up oranges) and either orange juice or milk to drink.  There was no wasting allowed so you ate it all. She just wanted to make sure that we left full for school or work or whatever it was that we were doing! Because in her words “No one can think straight with no food in their belly”.  And of course she was right!

Leave a Note
There was always a note-pad with a sharpened pencil sitting on the dishwasher.  If you showed up to the house and Grandma wasn’t there you left a note.  Chances are she left a note as well letting whoever dropped in where she was and when she would be back, which she always signed Gma.  This was before cell phones and texting and she didn’t want to miss seeing anyone.  When leaving a note you needed to make sure you left A PROPER NOTE! Grandma wanted to know
1.) who came to the house
2.) what time you came to the house
3.) why you were at the house
4.) when you were coming back to the house.
It was like she knew when you were coming, a sixth sense she had, and if you came to the house and DIDN’T leave a note – there was lots of explaining to do when you did come back!

Never, ever, ever ,ever use the word Bored at Grandma’s house.  You would be thrown into a game, craft, chore, or outside so fast your head would spin.  There are no such things as bored grandchildren at Grandma B’s house – EVER. End of Story.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Grandma grew up in the Depression era. Grandma was also crafty.  She created so many unique items from reusing fabric, paper, tins, etc.  This woman was a genius in not wasting.  She was Green before green was cool.

I could go on and on. She truly has been a wonderful influence on my life, and I cherish every moment I have with her – because I know that I won’t have too many more. Nothing is more important to her than her family.

Ha, I’m remembering an instance (I’m actually laughing out loud right now – for real!) when I lived with Grandma.  I stayed at her house for a summer when I worked in town.  Again – before cell phones so there was no secret crushes once the phone call was made! There was a guy that had been calling me at Grandma’s house, and she had call display on her phone (ahead of the times!).  She was sitting in her big, grey corner chair right by the phone.  It rang and she looked at the number, and could see it was “that boy” calling again.  She looked at me before she answered and said ” do you want him calling you, or should I make him go away?” Just the way she said it makes me laugh today (not so much as a 16 year old, I was mortified that Grandma was going to answer the phone!).  But that’s who she was, loving and caring, but mess with her family and there would be no turning back.

So here’s to 90 years Grandma.  You have taught us all well. We actually listened, not because we would never win an argument with you, but deep down we knew you were right.  You taught us to love life, to laugh, to follow the rules when playing games (because no one likes a cheater!) to travel, to appreciate what we have, to share with those who don’t have as much as we do, that coming home is never a bad thing, and to lean on each other when we need it most. #loveyouforever
*Grandma B passed on September 5, 2017. We will miss her dearly but her legacy lives on in the lives of her children, grand children, great grand children and even great great grandchildren. I love you ~ your Joey * 


4 thoughts on “Grandma B

  1. Vivien Hill says:

    Thank you Joey, that about sums up my 70 years of memories of me dear Aunt, with just the right measure of humour and respect.
    Love, viv

  2. Carole Kentner says:

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories. We all can take a lesson, or two, or three from your Grandma. Thanks for sharing.

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