Morning Mayhem

Morning – I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with mornings.  I appreciate the quiet and peacefulness of mornings and the refreshing that it brings. But to wake up that extra 30 minutes before anyone else does is just so hard to do when you’re not a full-fledged morning person.  I can do mornings – but they better come with a massive, steaming hot mug of liquid magic (aka coffee).

I don’t know about you or your kids, but mine wake up Hangry (so hungry that they’re angry).  They stumble out of their rooms and grunt instead of speaking and run into walls because they really are not awake yet. I point them in the general direction of the kitchen but for some reason they want to do their own thing  – one heads straight to the living room to get his sports fix watching sports center (sports is his coffee in the morning!), one goes right to the big picture window to check the weather (my little farmer in training) and one basically does a 180 degree turn and climbs back into bed (I totally understand that!). And then the negotiating begins – “What do you want for breakfast?”…. “Are you sure you want to pair green stripes with purple polk-a-dots?”….. “No you can’t have chocolate or chips for breakfast, yes I know I asked what you wanted but pretty sure neither of those are appropriate breakfast foods!”….”I’m sure you have some jeans in your room, have you checked your dresser?”…..and so on and so on #morningmayhem

Mornings are rough. My kids are up early and have to be ready for the bus and walking to the end of the lane by 8:15. So we are trying a morning routine.  Just like our after school To-Do List (The To-Do List) we are using a visual to help us through the mornings! You would think I would’ve learned by now that my kids do better in routine – scheduled routine. Really, the less thinking that needs to be done in the morning the better! This past week has been a total write off because of Spring Break but I’m looking forward to implementing this starting tomorrow! I use Canva to design my printable ideas and you can find them here.


What are some strategies you use in the morning? How do you curb the morning mayhem?

LET’S wake Up!!(1)

3 thoughts on “Morning Mayhem

  1. Carole Kentner says:

    Second thought — maybe a morning menu — Monday cereal — Corn flakes or Rice Krispies; Tues. Eggs — Fried or boiled or … Wed. — pancakes or waffles; Thurs. — Porridge — Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat; Friday — toast and jam. Or whatever works. Has to be decided on the night before and an agreement between all three would be great. Also maybe no choice on some days — it will be _____ eggs. Maybe a thought in a strange place. Toast is included in each meal day but with different jams, jellies, peanut butter, nutella. Or whatever your family likes.

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