Prairie Summers 

Sooooo it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write something. Schools out (and has been for almost a month!), the rain has finally stopped, and SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!! 

I don’t even know where to begin! Prairie summers are so much fun! (Well it’s all I’ve ever known so of course they are the best 😉) Ally’s softball team won provincials – Yay!!, Johnny’s baseball team hosted provincials – Whoop,whoop!, we’ve done some camping, and strawberry, saskatoon and cherry picking…..and of course the Boissevain Farmers Market!!  

But the one thing that can be counted on in a Prairie Summer is thunderstorms 😬. Yesterday was no exception. It was blinking hot and humid and anyone who has grown up in rural southwest Manitoba knows that Hot + Humid =⛈⚡️🌩🌪💨        

I personally am not a huge fan of storms. I like consistent weather – hot is fine – just don’t add humidity that will melt people’s faces off when they walk outside. It’s that humidity that messes with nice summer days. Yesterday went like this…

  • Open door to feed cats – face melts off because of humidity – turn on air conditioner 
  • Plan pool play dates (yes more than one) 
  • Pack 30 bottles of sunscreen and 50 bottles of water. Gotta keep the Ginger (me) somewhat shielded from the burning sun. 
  • Check temperature on phone- you know how the weather app tells you the actually temperature and then what it “feels” like well yesterday was  30 degrees – feels like burning 
  • Attend pool party #1 
  • Reapply sunscreen, hydrate and feed kids – go to pool closer to home. It’s now mid- late afternoon the clear skies are now being invaded by thunderhead clouds. My spidey-senses start going off. 
  • Hear weather-app alert going off – check phone – actually there’s three alerts – 1)heat warning (duh), 2) severe thunderstorm watch (of course), 3) tornado warning (just for fun 🙄). 
  • Check radar 
  • Check radar again 
  • Check radar again 
  • Tell kids it’s time for supper 
  • Pull angry kids out of pool
  • Head inside – get supper ready 
  • Go out and take a couple of photos from a “safe” distance from ominous clouds – burn rubber on the quad racing back to the yard when the rain starts. 
  • Walk in house – promptly tell kids we are having a picnic in the basement 
  • Watch radar till storm is over – and check Twitter to see #mbstorm was trending – then look at all funnel clouds, tornadoes and shelf clouds the storm chasers are posting
  • Text all friends living in area asking about rain/hail/wind damage. 
  • Check radar one more time – nothing showing up – go to bed. 

You would think I would get used to it – but no. Mother Nature is not to be messed with and I, for one, am ok hanging out in the basement while she rages on outside! 

One thought on “Prairie Summers 

  1. Carole Kentner says:

    I’ve missed your blogs. You are so right on your comments. But a picnic in the basement would be fun! Anything to keep fears away.

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