Summer Sizzle 

Last week my oldest son, his friend (and my piano student) and my mom embarked on a journey to Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Why? Because we were headed to Canadian National Conservatory of Music’s (CNCM)  Summer Sizzle! The boys were going to be in the Keyboard Kamp, my mom was the their group leader and I was going as a teacher and guest composer. 

We loaded up the vehicle with a keyboard (but forgot the power cord at home!), guitar, two boys, an iPad, piano books, snacks, swimming suits and excitement. We were off! 🚗

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and got ready for the Composer Meet and Greet – over 20 Canadian composers and one from New Zealand! (Christopher Norton!!!! – Google him he’s a big deal!) 

We made it!!

Thursday was filled with sessions and learning – the kids were working with their groups and guest composer on their groups compositions for the final concert, master classes with composers and lots of fun! I was in the teacher sessions taking in all of the wonderful information and inspiration from the guest speakers! 

group A with their composer Lynette Sawatsky

the boys getting instructions from Lynette

teacher discussions!

the wonderful Nancy Telfer

Along with all the sessions there was the launch of the student composition book Vamoose Vivaldi! I love – absolutely love- that CNCM encourages the students in their programs to compose! And I’m so proud of Johnny because he has a published composition in this book! How exciting! 

my kid is a composer! #proudmommamoment

 I could go on and on and on – but let me say this. If you are looking for a music program that is kid centred and gives your child a well rounded musical experience look no further than CNCM. My kids love this program – they love the CNCM’s Composer & Kids events (where they get to meet Canadian composers), they want to do recital – exams (where they can invite their parents, friends etc to their performance and can celebrate their accomplishments with them), they want to compose, and they get a well rounded, complete musical education. The kids who go through this program are not only wonderful pianists – but they understand what they are playing – they love what they are playing (open repertoire the teacher can select pieces that they like! Not just from a list of 5-10 pieces) and they want to keep playing.

On the way home from Yorkton all the boys could talk about was what they learned and what they are going to compose for next year and going to Summer Sizzle next year as well. You know what – I’m excited too! 

For more information on the CNCM programs please visit

2 thoughts on “Summer Sizzle 

  1. What a great testimonial to CNCM, Jo-Anne! I love this write-up on Summer Sizzle! Might you send me the photo of those fabulous Group A kids to me on FaceBook please? I didn’t get that shot and would love to keep it. I’m a wife, mom, and believe of miracles, too. 🙂

    • For sure! You inspired that group Lynette and I had two boys talking about writing a book together! Thank you so much for giving your time and talent to inspire the next generation of Canadian composers!

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