Ultimate Christmas Playlist

It’s time! Bring on the Christmas music! Yes I’m one of “those people” who like to blast some Christmas tunes before December. This is something that is deeply ingrained into my being. So let’s pull out the CD’s, the Spotify playlists, and iTunes – and not so very long ago the Loewen household would pull out the records! Music has always played a huge part in my life, and Christmas is no different.  Memories, traditions, moments, ups and downs and just life in general  – has a soundtrack in my world. And chances are if you stop by my place from now until Christmas I will be dancing and singing to all things Christmas. You’ve been forewarned.

Now, my musical tastes range from the crooning voice of Bing Crosby, to the dancing in the kitchen Boney M, to the reverent sounds of Christmas Choral. So this is no ordinary playlist……

We are going to start with the voice that is smoother than warm eggnog, Bing Crosby. There is no voice like his, the deep bass-baritone, articulation of the words…*sigh*. Be still my musical heart and listen!
*must have tracks* ALL OF THEM

  • The Little Drummer Boy
  • It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
  • Silver Bells (feat. Carol Richards)

Let’s move on a few decades to Boney M. I don’t care who you are – if you don’t know Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord we cannot be friends. Christmas Disco at it’s finest! If you don’t dance when Boney M is playing – there is something physically wrong with you.
*must have tracks*

  • Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord
  • Feliz Navidad

The next couple of selections might not be on your playlist (which is totally fine) but they are on mine.  These are the RECORDS (use Google – for those of you who are unaware of what a record is) my sisters and I grew up listening to at Christmas. Dancing in the basement while Mom was putting up the wheat weaving ornament tree (Now there’s a mental image that screams 1980/90’s). I’m also sure that we were wearing acid wash jeans and B.U.M equipment t-shirts. Anyways – back to the music!

Sandy Patti – Voice like an angel. Full on 80’s.  Still to this very day – totally transported back home when I hear the opening to Worship the King, and the AMAZING choreography that we did! *Must have tracks*

  • Worship the King
  • The Gift Goes On (Justice MB Church Christmas Eve pageant favourite!!)
  • Bethlehem Morning
  • Some Children See Him

Evie – is a contemporary Christian artist who is from Sweden. I tried to find her music on Spotify to create a playlist but all the tracks were in Swedish  – so I went to iTunes and found her Christmas album – purchased it and had a flashback to Christmas Eve concerts at Justice MB Church. Again  – late 70’s early 80’s being pumped out on the record stereo system in the Loewen basement. Mom also had Evie’s  Christmas Piano music so these are the songs I played growing up. *must have tracks*

  • Come on Ring those Bells
  • One Small Child
  • A Thousand Candles

Let’s fast forward to my college years. Records are basically done and obsolete, and we have moved onto the the world of burnt Cd’s. #poorstudents
Jewel came out with a Christmas CD (1999) and so did Celine Dion (1998).  I don’t think there was a hallway at Providence that wasn’t playing one of these albums on shuffle and /or repeat the weeks leading up to Christmas break. *Must have Tracks*

  • Winter Wonderland (Jewel)
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Jewel)
  • Adeste Fideles (O Come All ye Faithful) (Celine)
  • Les Cloches du Hameau (Celine)

Moving on to the last couple of years – Well from 2006 to now.  Now that I have kids I want them to love Christmas as much as I do and appreciate Christmas music and have the memories that I do from my childhood and life. SO bring on Straight No Chaser, The Pentatonix, Harry Connick Jr, Third Day, Downhere and Chris Tomlin.  Go ahead – go find their Christmas Albums, listen to them and pick your favourites!

Last night on the way back from town we had It Must be Santa by Bob Dylan playing, followed by Boney M, then Straight No Chaser’s 12 Days of Christmas and Downhere’s Good King Wenceslas.

I’m sure you all have your favourites – I ask you to share them! What’s on your Ultimate Christmas Playlist? Here’s mine I have created on Spotify and I’m sure I’ll be adding to it as I listen and get all things Christmas ready! #NowPlaying Ulitmate Christmas Playlist! by Jo-Anne Neufeld




One thought on “Ultimate Christmas Playlist

  1. Cheryl Clyne says:

    I love this! You’re absolutely right about songs transporting you back in time. You can’t have Christmas without Christmas music. Love that you’re passing that on to your kids.

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