Apple Roll-ups 

Back in summer/fall I canned an obscene amount of apple sauce . The apple crop this year was amazing and I wanted to take full advantage of it! So here we are in the dead of winter and it doesn’t even look like I’ve made a dint into my apple sauce hoard. I canned regular apple sauce as well as blueberry/apple, strawberry/apple and raspberry/apple. And as much as my kids love apple sauce – they are getting kinda tired of it!  😬But that’s ok because then I can make fruit leather from the sauce! #winning 

The first batch of apple goodness that was canned this past summer/fall

So out comes my Excalibur 4-tray dehydrator! I’ll usually start the leather around 5:00pm and let it dehydrate all night and in the morning it is good to go! I’m thinking of upgrading to a 9-tray dehydrator because these roll-ups are one of my bestsellers at the Boissevain Farmers Market in the summer. 

My dehydrator + blueberry apple sauce = yummy

I think these are a great alternative to the store bought fruit roll-ups because

  • I know where all the ingredients came from 
  • It’s all real fruit 
  • They cost me significantly less than the store bought. 
  • They make my kitchen smell very good! 
  • I made them 😏

    Plain apple roll-ups

So if you have extra applesauce in your pantry and a dehydrator (you can also use your oven and a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper) I highly recommend making some of these! 

#homemade #growyourownfood #makeyourownfood #whitewatermusings 

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