It’s here – finally here!!! SPRING!! After what seemed like the longest winter in history, the snow is finally melting, the flooding has started in my basement and the sun is shining! Yes, there is still snowbanks in my yard but hey if Mother Nature is going to give me consecutive +17ºC days, I’ll officially say it’s spring. The kids can go play outside and instead of frostbite, they can now get wind and sun burns.

But seriously there is something about spring – especially on the Canadian Prairies.  We live for the first bonfire of the season, (even if you are wrapped in blankets and are burning wet wood), wearing flip-flops (under an inch of snow and you are good to go!), and having drinks on the patio or deck (no need to put ice in your drinks if you sit in the shade!). We make the most out of our short spring/summers and as soon as the temperature is above the freezing mark our kids can switch over the spring jackets and rubber boots. Sure we may blame those who are a little confident and put away all winter attire before mid-April, and cause Mother Nature to rage and send a late season snow-storm our way.  But can we really blame them? I mean we’ve all thought about doing the final wash and dry on the ski-pants and putting them in a plastic tub till October.

Bonfires and snow banks #manitobaspring

But my most favourite part of spring is planning the garden! And this year is no different! Last year my friend Erin and I were planting the first part of our garden – outside –  on April 29th (almost unheard of in these parts!).  Right now it looks like we probably won’t be planting that early this year (due to massive snowbanks still on said garden) But hey – we can still plan! We both seem to have a motto of “Go Big or Go Home”, and even with all of our planning – we can get a little crazy excited about what we are going to accomplish in the growing season. 100 new strawberry plants *may* have been ordered already…… so if you are looking for some strawberries in the next couple of years we may have some for sale!

The garden is such a wonderful tool to teach our kids about the growing season and that gardening is a lot of work.  But there is something very satisfying about planting a seed, watching it grow and then produce something that is edible! Life skills – patience, commitment, perseverance, responsibility, and a good work ethic – can all be learned by gardening.  And don’t worry we don’t just use the kids for cheap labour – they get a part of the profits too! And we let them plant their own rows and sell their produce.

So here’s to spring – and one of our first bonfires tonight, drinks on the patio and exchanging frostbite for sunburns! #cheers

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