When did that happen?

I don’t know if you’ve seen that meme going around Facebook and Instagram, the one that says “One day you’re 18, eating pizza for every meal, wearing a size 4 and the next you’re 30, drinking kale and debating wearing a t-shirt in the pool”.  Funny right? Ya, until you realize you are closer to 40 than you are to 18.  WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? In my mind – college and high school are only like 5 years ago.  Right? Who’s with me here?

Today I’m driving home from taking my kids to their piano lessons, and I’m listening to the radio and we have satellite radio, so it pops up on the screen as #oldschoolmix.  Um, the “old school” they were playing was the “new school” when I was in school. (p.s Destiny’s Child is not old school they are what we call TIMELESS) Also – Green Day is not classic rock.  So what if my go-to stations are 90’s on 9 and Pop2K – my kids need to learn about the good music that happened… back in the day… roughly 20ish years ago.

It’s happening, actually happening – I’M GETTING OLD! Sure, there have been signs this aging thing has been happening.  I drive a mini-van, take vitamins and my cat-like reflexes are not what they used to be. I don’t feel old – well only when my knees ache when a low-pressure weather system is moving into the area – then I feel old and want a hot-water bottle and arthritis medication. But generally I feel young-ish most of  the time! I’m still active  – I play curling in winter and ladies beer league softball in the summer.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I’m mad or even disappointed that this aging thing is occurring (I have great genes and awesome skincare so I look younger than what I am #winning).  I just feel like it has sneaked up on me.  One minute I’m in my mid twenties, getting married, having babies and then BAM mini-van, kids all in school and all the activities, and I’ve become their personal chauffeur, snack packer expert and multi-tasking super hero.

So pass me my kale smoothie, yoga mat and essential oil diffuser, with my 90’s rap playing in the background (#gangstayoga – it’s my thing) – I might be closer to 40 than 18 but I know how to rock this life as is.

6 thoughts on “When did that happen?

  1. Love this Jo! I’m feeling the same way! I listened to a great Beth Moore teaching today (while baking chocolate zucchini loaf (I’m becoming my mother!)) and this reminded me of her ‘life is like 5 minutes’ illustration! Goes by fast!!

  2. Melaine says:

    My moment of revelation came the other day when I looked in the mirror on the sun visor in my mini van…big mistake!

  3. Richard Humphreys says:

    Brad, you certainly do have a beautiful family, even if Jo thinks she has gotten old. The two of you are still baby’s in arms compared to some of us.

  4. Gillian says:

    So I’m driving somewhere, singing my heart out to a great song and when it ends the DJ shares that 21 years ago today it was released . . . WHAT? It was my senior year theme song . . . It can’t be that long ago that I graduated from High Schoooooollllll. Oh man.

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