So I’m a part of a Facebook group/online community called Healthy Habits Happy Moms (aka HHHM for short), and right now they are promoting a #walkthisway challenge.  It’s a month long challenge that encourages you to walk/run for 30 minutes a day.  So I thought – ” Hey! I can do that!” And so started my adventure…..

A little bit of back story is necessary …. I hate loathe long-ish distant running.  Long being defined as farther than 100 meters.  Unless I am playing a sport that involves running (soccer, basketball, softball) or see a spider 🕷 –  I feel that running is totally useless and unnecessary. I totally understand, from a health perspective,  why people run long distances – I don’t understand why they WANT to run long distances.  This is something that I’ve never enjoyed doing – ever! Even in elementary school – in Grades 5 and 6 – we would run around the block to get ready for the Arden cross-country run, you could do a 2 kilometer or a 5 kilometer run (I think – I’ve tried to block it from my memory). I was an athletic kid and all I could do was 2 laps around the block.  Long distance just was not my thing! Give me a baton and three other girls to run with and I could give you 110% for 100 meters in a relay race – but 2 kilometers – ya not happening.

So today I’m out for my walk – and I’ve been walking around a section of land – roughly 4 miles or 7 kilometers.  I have my hand picked playlist of upbeat and/or motivational songs (Running/walking/dancing playlist on Spotify ) – I also might break out into dance mode on my walk – so I can keep a decent pace.  GDFR by Flo Rida came on and I just couldn’t walk – I had to *gasp* run.  I ran while the entire song was playing – this was GOING DOWN FOR REAL.  But maybe that is what was missing in my youth – a hand picked playlist. Sure I had a Walkman and even a Disc-man but there is something about the music not skipping when you take a step.  And Beyonce – she was missing too – you know her forceful vocals that sound borderline angry and you shouldn’t mess with her unless you want to get messed up. #queenbey #lemonade #freedom

So there I was channelling my inner Rocky Balboa , while Eye of the Tiger was playing and running. It was weird and yet very satisfying at the same time. Dare I say – I was enjoying running? Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I ran the entire 7 km – 🤣 #nothappening – but I did challenge myself to run the distance between hydro poles or for an entire inspirational song. Baby steps people – baby steps. Kudos to those who “do running” you are crazy but intriguing and I admire you. Who knows this whole running thing might grow on me and one day I could be running the entire 7km. #onlytimewilltell

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