The Lake 

There’s something about it – I can’t quite put my finger on it but – there is just something about being at the lake. And honestly – it doesn’t even matter which lake.

I grew up going to Rock Lake. My Grandma and Grandpa Baron had a cabin there and we would go as a family and have a great time! My fondest memories include being in the hammock, fruit salad, playing cribbage and swimming in the lake. There was probably a water fight involved at some point and family sitting and laughing around the fire till all hours of the night.

Jen and Jo go tubing – well laughing 😂

Then we transitioned into the camping mode and numerous days were spent in a pop up trailer at Spruce Woods Provincial Park – not really a lake – but a tributary of the Assiniboine river with a wonderful beach. This is where us girls (Mom and my sisters) would pull in and set up. Dad would come if the haying was done or if he got rained out. We biked the trails, hauled the cooler down to the beach and just swam and swam and swam.

And then there was the lake at Minnedosa – the lake where I learned to water ski. So.Much.Fun! I don’t remember exactly who was helping me get up on the skis but it was either my Dad or my Grandpa Loewen. And the words were “keep your knees bent, handle to your chest and let the boat pull you up” and that’s what I did! The feeling of gliding along the water – no other feeling like it!

When I was old enough to go to camp and then be a counsellor at camp – there was Clear Lake. The memories – oh the memories. Canoe trips, the floating dock, the big red double slide, slalom skiing, tubing – and maybe some late night swimming 😂. This is what summer is made of!

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to grow up going to a lake or lakes – I’m truly sorry! There is just something about it. The world stops, time stops and you are just there. There is no schedule or alarms. There is just fun, family, friends and food.

And now we have been spending time at Lake Metigoshe. We are fortunate enough to have friends who have a family cabin and boat and now my kids can learn to “water-sport” and enjoy lake life. And I truly hope that when they grow up they are pulled to the lake. Pulled into the break from reality it provides  – the rejuvenation it gives to your soul – and the quietness and stillness it provides. That they are pulled to the fun side of watersporting and swimming and just going for a tour around the lake to check things out.

So go – go find a lake – take the time to unwind and to just relax. It’s worth it and you’ll find that it becomes a part of you – you’ll feel it calling. There is just something about The Lake.

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