Harvest is Coming…..

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? “Winter is Coming” is the catch phrase that is repeatedly tagged in the books and television show. It carries this ominous feel that once Winter arrives you’re hooped. WELL – welcome to the Canadian prairie version – HARVEST IS COMING.

As a farm wife – this phrase can cause the most organized and prepared person to freeze in their tracks and start hyperventilating. There you are going through summer – nonchalantly going to the lake, bonfires in the backyard, weeding the garden, mowing the lawn….etc etc. Then out of nowhere – BAM! – your husband informs you that he started swathing the barley.   Uh – Wait – What? Harvest is Coming – are you ready? NO – I AM NOT READY!!! It’s only the beginning of August – OH MY GOODNESS – harvest is coming early this year. *As one who grew up on a grain/cattle farm one would think that I would be aware that harvest can come early – this is clearly NOT the case*

So what does one do when harvest arrives earlier than anticipated? Please follow the 10 steps provided below:

  1. Cry
  2. Go to the local library and check out all books on 9×13 pan recipes, 5-ingredient recipes, and freezer meals. (sorry Boissevain peeps – all the good ones are signed out thanks to Yours Truly)
  3. Head over to the Co-op and purchase all of the tin-foil 9×13 pans (again sorry Boissevain peeps)
  4.  Also –  purchase any and all beverages with caffeine in them. Your Farmer will thank you when we hit week 2 of harvest.
  5. Drive home  from town – listen to some gangster rap on the way to prep mentally for a meal-making marathon.
  6.  Defrost 15 pounds of hamburger and mass produces burgers, meatballs and meatloaf.  #cattlefarmers #eatallthemeat #moo
  7. Put wine in fridge (Trust me – you’ll thank me later)
  8. Pull your seasonal BFF – Sally Slow Cooker – out of storage and dust her off.
  9. Turn on the Jays game, grab that bottle of wine and flip through the 10 books you checked out of the library – add sticky notes to the recipes you want to try.
  10. Take two Advil – Go to Bed and hopefully sleep – in the morning grab your coffee and start quizzing your Farmer on the names and locations of the fields this early harvest will be on – and take notes  – TAKE ALL THE NOTES!

So from one farm wife to another…..

This Harvest
May your meals be tasty and hot
May your farmer never tire of sandwiches for lunch
May your vehicles never be empty of fuel or have flat tires
May you remember all nicknames of all land locations
May the dust fly not in your face when the combine circles around
And may you have a safe, happy, healthy and bountiful harvest

#agmorethanever #farmlife #harvest2017 #farm365 #familyfarm #Canadianfarmers #farmwife #whitewatermusings

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