‘‘Twas the Last day of School

”Twas the last day of school and all through the house, the kids were flying high on their candy rush.

They flew off the bus at the end of the day and proceeded to rampage instead of going to play.

The meltdowns were epic – like nothing I’ve seen – this mom needs coffee – with lots of caffeine.

There’s no sense of reasoning when the fatigue sets in, the nonsense that happens makes my head spin.

Now, I know they’re just tired, exhausted and done – obviously from all of the School Christmas parties and fun.

With some extra patience and my friend called wine – we all survived until it was bed time.

All fed and clean and tucked into bed, goodnight kisses were given and “I Love You’s” were said.

They may drive me nuts, these crazy offspring – but truly and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing.

These blessings I have and I call them my own – for what more does one need than those they love here at home.

Merry Christmas 🎄

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