My Tribe

I don’t even know where to start with this. I just know that I need to share. I’ve always been fortunate enough to have had a Tribe, a group of close friends, an inner circle, a #bestfriendtier. There’s some that have been there since the beginning. Some who were only there for specific periods in my life, and others who have just recently shown up. Let me tell you about them, my Tribe.

These are the people who have been with you at the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. The personal cheerleaders when you need it, or the voice of reason in the middle of a storm. The ones who get excited for new opportunities that come your way. Celebrate with you. Are genuinely happy for you, and look at you like you are the best thing to happen since pickle juice Caesars. The ones who have the nicknames, and that’s the only way you identify each other. The inside jokes, the deep bellied laughs, the memories, the stories, and the finishing of sentences. They share memes, new music, shoes and even food with you.

But not only that. They pick you up, sometimes literally, off the floor. They cry with you, weep, sob, dry heave, and sit in silence. They listen. They hold you, and they pray (even when they’re not the praying type). They know exactly what to say, or not to say. They send you all of their love, and you know that they actually mean it. They check up on you, and ask how you’re doing. Usually it’s out of the blue and when you get that text you’re always relieved that they sent it. They hold your hand, and feel all the feels with you. They keep your insecurities, and your deepest of secrets close to their heart – and it’s ok, because they are your people, your Tribe. They have seen the ugly and they have made the choice to stay anyway – because they love you.

Sometimes you need to talk to them everyday. Sometimes weeks or even months pass before a text is sent or a call is made. But the thing with your Tribe is that it doesn’t matter how long it has been, you pick up right where you left off. There will be something that reminds you of them and you’ll have to share it. A song. A meme. A pet peeve. A situation. An allergy. You name it – if it reminds me of someone in my tribe – they are getting it sent to them or told about it. And chances are whatever it is that nudges you to share with them will either make them laugh out loud or smile (and not just a regular smile – one that you feel in your heart – and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling).

Everything that I’ve mentioned above has at one point or another been done for me. I would do all of that and more for any one of my Tribe in a heartbeat. Some are family, and some are friends who are family, but my love for them is fierce. And I am so thankful, and grateful for this Tribe. And I truly hope that you were thinking of your people, your tribe, your besties when you read this. Tell them you love them, or send them a ridiculous meme (if that’s how you show love). They will smile or laugh depending on what you sent them – and they will appreciate it.

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