On the Road Again….

It’s that time in our family where the meeting of winter sports meet summer sports.  Our oldest is still playing second season hockey and has started ball practices, our middle is still prepping for her karate grading  and has also started her ball practices and our youngest is just dreaming of seeding fields on the farm – oh and his ball starts this week! My husband is going over the farm machinery, checking fields and looking after all the details for spring time work and seeding on the farm. And here I am prepping my piano students for May exams, coaching Ally’s ball team and basically organizing and scheduling our crazy life for the next couple of months.  Honestly – I wouldn’t have it any other way! We are all doing what we love to do and even though we might seem like we are going in 8 different directions at once – I do enjoy some of the one-on-one time I get with the kids because we are going in different directions.

There are a couple of things I do – prep-wise – that keep us going in the right direction.  A visible weekly schedule  – I had a fancy schmancy dry erase monthly calendar but honestly it wasn’t the best. It was overwhelming to look at the whole month as opposed to just a week at a time.  SO I pulled out a piece of paper and put it in a page protector. (Ya I’m crafty like that)   I fill it out weekly with a dry erase marker – with Manitoba weather chances are ball games are going to be cancelled and rescheduled. The kids and look and see where they are going – my farmer husband can see which towns his kids are playing if he has a chance to get away from the field – and I have a visual to see what’s going on and where everyone needs to be.  It’s cheap, it’s easy and it works.

Another prep I do for the controlled chaos is pack a snack bag.  My kids get off the school bus close to 4:00 pm and we are usually on the road again (if they have a practice or a game) by 5:00pm.  That means an early supper or a supper on the go, and once their activity is done they are hungry! Scratch that – they are HANGRY! So to feed the wild beasts I have a bag of snacks that goes in the vehicle with us.  Usually filled with snacks they like and will fill them up or tie them over till we get home.  This week we have almonds, Clif Bars, fruit cups, applesauce, granola bars.  I’ll also put fresh fruit and veggies in there or any baking that I’ve done (muffins, cookies etc).  Some juice boxes and Powerade or Gatorade will be there too , as well as the kids water bottles. Along with some wet-naps, napkins and spoons.

SO hopefully this crazy, chaotic season will run smoothly and everyone will get to the places they need to be safely and well-fed.  Moms on the go – what are your go-to time saving methods you use? Let’s help each other get through the busy seasons of life!


The To-Do List

I don’t know about you but I always function better when I write stuff down.  Some people I know do their five most important things list before they go to bed so they can hit the ground running in the morning, others like to do it in the morning. I personally like to do it over a nice, massive large cup of hot coffee, in the morning before my kids wake up.  There is something very calming about putting my list of things to do on paper and physically seeing what all needs to be done. Whether or not I follow the list is a different story – but hey at least my thoughts are organized for the day!

I’ve also started doing To-Do lists with my kids.  They would get home from school and it was mayhem a struggle from 4:00 when they got home till 7:30 when they went to bed. So I thought (why did it take me so long to try this?!?!) why not give them a list “to-do” when they got home? It’s consists of all the activities that need to be done before supper.  Life has been so much more peaceful! Below is the free printable of the blank sheet I use.

To Do

They come in the door and there’s no race to the TV and fighting over the remote anymore.  Once they are in the house they know that the first thing “to-do” is have a snack. If my wonderful cherubs don’t eat when they get home they change into very cranky cherubs and the drama escalates to reality TV proportions. Then from there it’s just practical, age appropriate chores and activities that need to be done. I find they have a sense of accomplishment when they do finish something on the list and check it off. So far it’s been a win-win change in our routine!

I slide the blank sheet into a page protector and then use dry-erase markers to write their lists out. Saves trees – and my sanity!! I’m starting to put a family binder together so stay tuned for what else will be included!

Blank To Do